How to Complain about UKVI Home Office Delays

How to complain about UKVI Home Office delays to visa & immigration applications

The UKVI website outlines the complaints process for UK Visas and Immigration; It suggests that complaints ought to be filed “no later than 3 months after the date of the incident unless there are exceptional circumstances.”

If you are unable to solve your issue with the Home Office, the next step will be to submit a complaint to UKVI using the online complaint form, or by contacting them directly via email at, or by post to the complaints allocation hub.

You will be required to prove the following information when making a complaint through UKVI’s complaints procedure:

  • your contact details – it is important you include your address and phone number as we may contact you to resolve your complaint by phone or to request further information
  • the names of the applicant/original complainant if you’re completing this on behalf of someone else – we must have written authority to disclose information about another person’s case
  • full details of the matter you’re complaining about, including times, dates and locations
  • the names or identifying numbers of any staff you’ve dealt with
  • details of any witnesses to the incident, if appropriate
  • details of any reimbursement issues including papers and receipts to support your claim
  • your Home Office reference details, and any other references that will help us to investigate your complaint, for example refund reference, appeal reference, UAN (unique application number), IHS reference and any payment references.
  • if your complaint is in relation to our contact centre we will need to know the date you called, the number you dialled and the number you called us from

You should ensure that you include all details of any previous communications with the Home Office, as well as any reference numbers, your full name and date of birth, and any other necessary information that is relevant to your complaint.

The Home Office official guidelines state that it can take up to 20 days to receive a response to a complaint regarding delays in waiting for a decision on an immigration matter. However, in the event of a complaint regarding serious professional misconduct, it can take UKVI up to 12 weeks to respond, during which time they will write and explain this to you.

Please note that the complaints department of UKVI will “only respond to enquiries that are considered as complaints” and “not respond to progress enquiries if you used our online complaints form.

follow each of these steps, starting from the first, in order. It is important that you take these steps when complaining about the Home Office:

  1. My Visa Application is Delayed – What Can I Do?
  2. Home Office Compensation for Delays in Processing Visa & Immigration Applications
  3. How to Chase a Delayed UK Visa & Immigration Application
  4. Contact UK Visas and Immigration for Assistance
  5. Complain about UKVI
  6. Contact your local MP
  7. Complain to Parliamentary and health Service Ombudsman
  8. Pre-Action Protocol Letter
  9. Judicial Review