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Romance Fraud Rises During Lockdown

Romance fraud, the act of approaching unsuspecting people looking for love on dating websites or apps with the aim of tricking them out of either money or enough personal information to steal their identity, has risen significantly during lockdown

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Home Office Covid19 Updates for Asylum Applications

The latest updates on how the Home Office are handling asylum claims during the Covid19 pandemic including how they conduct full, substantive, asylum interviews

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What is the Barder Principle

The case of Barder shows the rare circumstances in which a divorce award can be varied after it has been made. In the case of Barder, the wife received a settlement which provided for her and her two children

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How and when can I get a no-fault Divorce?

As from Autumn of 2021, the new law on no-fault divorces in England, which was originally announced in February 2019, will be reformed. This is the first major change since 1973

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Occupation Orders – London Solicitors

An Occupation Order is an Order of the court stating who can and who cannot occupy domestic premises. It is usually brought alongside an application for a Non-Molestation Injunction and is an application asking the District Judge to make an Order excluding your spouse or unmarried partner from entering or cohabiting in the family home