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Home Office income threshold for Spouse visa reduced

Last week the Home Office announced that the minimum earning threshold for spouse visas was going to increase from the current level of £18,600 to a whopping £38,700.

Today, in a major rethink and backtrack the Home Office has announced that they will not increase the threshold to £38,700 but that it will be increased instead from £18,600 to a new level of £29,000.

This is still a huge increase and unaffiordable for many families. However; it is an improvement. We still take the view that the new level of £29,000 is too high and well above the National Minimum Wage and therefore unfair.

It is not clear when the new threshold will come into effect. However; all signs are that the planned change will be in the ‘Spring of 2024’. Presumably they intend it to start on 5th April 2024 which is the start of the financial year.

We will continue to post updates as they happen – here on our blog.

Updated 21.12.2023