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Appealing a Consent Order

updated 10 May 2024

Appealing or setting aside Consent Orders is one of the most specialised areas of Family Law. We are one of the leading firms of lawyers specialising in appealing Consent Order or Setting Aside Consent Order and we have extensive experience of successfully challenging Consent Orders.

The following links explain how to Appeal or Set Aside a Consent Order:

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Can a Consent Order be Appealed or Set Aside

The Barder Principle in Appealing Consent Orders

Setting Aside Consent Orders because of Undue Influence or Duress

Challenging or Appealing a Divorce Consent Order

Challenging a Divorce Consent Order because your Spouse didn’t tell the truth

Challenging a Consent Order because of Fraud or Misrepresentation

Setting aside a Consent Order because of Fraud or Undue Influence

Setting aside a Consent Order because circumstances changed

The Barder Principle in detail

If you believe your Consent Order is wrong and should be changed we can tell you. We will assess your case carefully and tell you exactly what your chances of success are. You can call us on 020 8401 7352 or Contact Us by email at for guidance and advice relating to your particular circumstances or, to book an appointment.