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Is Covid-19 a Barder Event sufficient to set aside a Consent Order?

Does the financial fallout from Covid-19 on your assets and income qualify as a an ‘entirely unforseen’ Barder Event?

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Home Office policy of ‘No Recourse to Public Funds’ ruled illegal in new High Court Judgement

A five-year-old boy has today successfully challenged the UK Home Office and won his case allowing children of migrant families to now receive basic financial state support

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What is the Immigration Health Surcharge

The immigration health surcharge (IHS), has been introduced by the UK Government to give access to the full range of NHS treatments to certain overseas visitors to the UK. The Immigration Health Surcharge is also sometimes known as the NHS surcharge

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Are Visitors and Immigrants Entitled to use the NHS?

Are visitors and immigrants entitled to use the NHS in the UK?

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Romance Fraud Rises During Lockdown

Romance fraud, the act of approaching unsuspecting people looking for love on dating websites or apps with the aim of tricking them out of either money or enough personal information to steal their identity, has risen significantly during lockdown