Family and Divorce

Sadly or fortunately (you decide) we have seen it all – every extreme of the spectrum. Myself, my team of lawyers and support staff can handle anything.

We have dealt with cases that would make for heartbreaking movie scripts, mysteries involving child abductions, forgeries, horrendous behaviour & abuse even as far as murder – but of course because of our duty of confidentiality we can’t tell you about any of them. You see, whatever you tell us, stays with us, to the very end – of life!

After almost 30 years of being involved at the deep end of divorces and matrimonial disputes, I (Cyrus) have evolved a team and system that fully meets the expectations of my clients.

Let’s face it, divorce is painful! No matter what the circumstances and events, you have reached a stage in your life which you never thought you would experience.

Divorce is without doubt one of the biggest upheavals that any of us with face in life. It’s far more difficult that moving home, losing a job or even going bankrupt.

Everyone faces divorce differently, some people are relieved to end a harsh and often poisonous relationship, others feel devastated.

But no matter which group you fall into, one thing is for certain: you are facing a significant change in your life and are now on a cliff edge. Everything seems uncertain.

Your feelings and emotions are charged to extreme levels and, often, you are coming to terms with the end of what was once a loving relationship. This is when you need a team who are compassionate, understanding but unaffected by the emotion, will stand up for your rights. This is the team I have built, for you. 

If there are children involved then it gets even harder and add to that complications of money and disputes over who wants what.

It’s through meeting those expectations that the overwhelming majority of our new clients come to us through referrals from previous happy & content clients. The figures speak for themselves.

What we do

  • First off we need to assess your circumstances and find out the most important factor of all, what do you want me to achieve for you as a final goal? This will normally be done in a face to face consultation.
  • Then we will provide tailor made solutions to each of the issues you face, turning what felt like a hopeless situation into a plan of action.
  • We will take prime position and face your spouse and their legal team and no matter what the facts and circumstances are, we will introduce a dose of reality into the equation. There is always two sides to every story and we will ensure that your side gets heard loud and clear, backed up with the full force of the law.

We focus on reality, the law, evidence and our knowledge of the legal system. We know the courts and we know how the Judges work & think and, we definitely know the law. We know what we can achieve and that’s how we provide a no nonsense solution to all our clients problems.

We will always be honest, open, realistic and candid with you about your case. If it’s doable we will do it and achieve results for you. If it’s not, we will tell you and we will find you the best possible alternative solution too.

Being a matrimonial divorce solicitor is not just about writing letters. So much of what we do is strategic, it’s knowing how far we can realistically push and what we can achieve and there is the holistic side of the job.

Clients are sharing their most private intimate experiences with us whilst at the same time being emotionally vulnerable and financially worried.

Our team will provide you with the crutch that you need to keep going through this distressing episode and we will see you through to the end. In addition to legal guidance we often end up helping and advising emotionally too. After all, it will probably be your first ever divorce, but we have been through divorce a thousand times!

What we need from you

If we are going to make a success of your case you need to work with us, side by side. Don’t forget you are my information source so you need to give us the tools and, we will do the job for you

  • You need to be open and candid 
  • You need to pay attention to deadlines Don’t leave everything to the last minute. Judges don’t like timewasters and latecomers!
  • If we ask you for documents or information you need to provide it – fast. Court cases evolve on evidence. 

To make an appointment to see me Call us today on 020 8401 7352 to book an appointment or email us your query.

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