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We are one of the top divorce and family law firms dealing almost exclusively with complex, high value cases, often with an International dimension. We specialise in complicated cases which can include hidden assets, Sharia Mehr & Dowry contracts, overseas properties & companies and aggressive & savvy partners. 

Our existing client base has included England Rugby Team players, Artists, Actors, TV news presenters, politicians, multi-national business enterprises and wealthy individuals with over £90m of assets spread across 4 continents.   

Our team of highly skilled lawyers are compassionate and understanding but whether you are defending a claim against your wealth of fighting for a fair share of matrimonial assets we will use every possible legal avenue and our unique knowledge of the legal system to fight for your rights.

We act equally for those seeking to protect their assets and those fighting for their fair share. We specialise in large and complex divorces and have the expertise to analyse complex banking arrangements, shares and crypto investments, private company shareholdings & valuations, multiple properties & overseas estates, trusts, and international concealed assets and investments.

You may be starting the divorce, responding to a divorce petition, looking for new lawyers for an ongoing case, or contemplating reopening an old case. Whatever the circumstances, having a top divorce solicitor on your side can make an huge difference to your chances of success. We can help no matter what your circumstances, so if you want a legal team that will fight your corner no matter who your opponent has acting for them, contact us, before your partner does. 

We have won cases against all the top matrimonial firms in London. Nobody intimidates us!

What we do

We focus on reality, the law, evidence and our knowledge of the legal system. We know the courts and we know how the Judges work & think and, we definitely know the law. We know what we can achieve and that’s how we provide a no nonsense solution to all our clients problems.

We will always be honest, open, realistic and candid with you about your case. If it’s doable we will do it and achieve results for you. If it’s not, we will tell you and we will find you the best possible alternative solution too.

What we do most often is win you the absolutely best possible outcome. 

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In addition to divorce and Financial Remedy following divorce, we provide a full range of legal services related to child law, custody, visitation and emergency protection injunctions as well as Occupation Orders.

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