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Uncontested Divorce Guide

Our fixed fee uncontested divorce package includes…

  • all your divorce documents drafted, filed and taken care of your partners solicitors kept at bay guaranteed clear and fixed fees
  • advice from an experienced divorce solicitor
  • access to your own solicitor by email, mobile phone and direct dial telephone
  • a solicitor who explains everything to you in plain English

What is an uncontested divorce?

An uncontested divorce is one where your spouse does not intend to contest the grant of your divorce and agrees to allow the matter to proceed undefended. Under the new laws which came into effect in April 2023, almost all divorces are now ‘uncontested’.

Your solicitor will collect all the relevant details from you, draft all the necessary documents, correspond on your behalf with the other parties involved (your spouse and their solicitor, if appropriate) and prepare and file all the relevant papers with the Court to obtain your divorce.

What’s included in the fixed fee?

the costs associated with obtaining an uncontested divorce (comprising):

Our fees: £800.00 if you are the Petitioner & £600 if you are the Respondent

VAT on our fees at 20%

Total: £960.00 for Petitioners and £720 for Respondents

You will be allocated an expert family law solicitor to handle your divorce.  This person will deal with your matter from start to finish.

Additional fees

a few cases there can be additional complicating issues to be resolved and we charge extra for this added work, examples can be: court fees; or not being able to trace the respondent or respondent denying receipt of the papers, needing to obtain the services of a process server etc.. Any extra costs will be discussed and agreed with you before any work is undertaken. Additional work will usually be charged for at the hourly rate.

Why Pay a Fixed Fee?

paying a fixed fee at the start of your case you have certainty about all the costs involved. With Mansouri & Son Solicitors what you agree is what you pay and there are no hidden fees. All costs information is provided candidly at the start of the matter.

Need advice before booking a fixed fee divorce?

Mansouri & Son Solicitors on 020 8401 7352 or email us at info@solicitorsfirm for an fast response from one of our Family Law Solicitors.

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