NHS Staff Appreciation – Covid19 – Coronavirus

Covid19 – Coronavirus Appreciation To Our NHS Community & Staff

In recognition of your ceaseless dedication to the wellbeing of all people, and your selfless devotion to the common good, we are offering free legal consultations and a free Will writing service to all front-line NHS staff for the next month (30 days from 24 March 2020).

We believe that those of you who put your lives on the line should not have the fear of legal problems and unanswered questions about your (and your family’s) future hanging over your heads.

Please email and with the subject line ‘NHS Front Line Staff Support‘ to access this service. Please let us have your official workplace email address where applicable, as well as your job title, place of work, and a short description of your role as a front line healthcare worker.

Your data will be treated in accordance with our firm’s confidentiality and privacy policy.

25.03.2020 UPDATE –

Whilst we want to help as many of you brave NHS staff out there, there’s a limit as to how much we can get done in a day. There has already been a tremendous response to this offer in barely 24 hours and we assure all those who have contacted us that they will receive our promised free help. However; judging by the response we will therefore treat all enquiries on a first come first served basis, and try to fit in as many of you as we can. When we reach capacity, we’ll do our best to let you all know by posting on this blog, so please keep an eye out. We thank you again for all your hard work!