London mayor says hard working immigrants beat Britons in work

London mayor says hard working immigrants beat Britons in work

London’s Mayor, Boris Johnson, has said that it is ‘no wonder‘ that young Britons are being outcompeted for jobs by immigrants who come to the UK from Eastern Europe. Mr Johnson stated that Eastern Europeans are better educated and more industrious.

Mr Johnson brandished it ‘economically illiterate‘ to blame the immigrants for obtaining jobs in Britain or for ‘getting up early and working hard and being polite and helpful‘.

Writing in UK newspaper The Daily Telegraph, Mr Johnson says that he was cycling to work when he met a recruitment consultant called Katie. The woman recruited staff for restaurants in London. Mr Johnson states that he asked Katie what percentage of the posts that she filled was taken by British workers and was astonished to learn that only about 10% of jobs went to British-born workers.

Katie told Mr Johnson ‘It’s the schools, I think. They teach the kids that they can earn all this money but they don’t explain that they will have to work hard. The people I recruit have a different work ethic‘.

Without immigrants there would be ‘fewer restaurants’ in London says Boris Johnson

Mr Johnson also challenges the commonly spurted argument that jobs taken by foreign workers are being taken from UK workers. Boris Johnson stated that, instead, it is likely that, if the jobs were not filled by foreign workers ‘the chances are there would be fewer restaurants, since the costs would be higher and the service less good and the reputation of London as the world capital of posh tucker (haute cuisine) would be less exalted than it is today‘.

Mr Johnson correctly blames the former Labour Government of the UK for allowing the UK’s schools to deteriorate and a shambolic system of education providing little prospects. Boris Johnson stated that about 25% of UK school children leave primary school unable to read, write or do basic maths meaning that UK school leavers will lose out to ‘industrious people from eastern Europe who can take down a telephone message correctly.’