Cyrus Mansouri

Cyrus Mansouri is the principal of the firm. He offers all his clients the ultimate Platinum Standard of legal services based on his exceptional and extensive experience in a wide range of legal matters in Immigration, Crime, Family Law, including Divorce and complex asset settlements, Civil Litigation as well as Prison Law matters and Road Traffic offences.

He has represented clients in relation to serious organised crime matters for more than 19 years. He has 20 years experience of UK immigration law, has represented over 4,500 immigration clients and has personally represented clients in over 800 hearings from Magistrates Courts to County Courts, the High Court, Asylum & Immigration Chamber hearings including hearings before the First Tier Tribunal, the Upper Tribunal and Stipendiary Magistrates, District Judges, Circuit Judges and Immigration Judges.

Examples of Recent Immigration Cases

  • winning 57 out of 59 asylum appeals between February 2013 and December 2013
  • winning 17 out of 18 non-asylum appeals between March 2014 and July 2014
  • winning an Entry Clearance appeal for a Zimbabwe national child of a parent holding British nationality
  • Winning an appeal against refusal of leave to remain because the appellant had allegedly used false documents to submit the UKBA and was refused pursuant to paragraph 320(7A) of the Immigration Rules and received a 10 year ban on making further applications for leave to remain
  • winning  5 entry clearance appeals for spouse applications in January 2012 alone
  • winning an appeal for a Tier 4 student who had had less than the required minimum balance of funds in her bank account for the months preceding her visa extension application
  • winning an appeal for refusal of indefinite leave to remain on the basis of 10 years lawful residence where there had been a substantial break in the applicants period of residence in the UK
  • winning an appeal for refusal of an extension of leave to remain, Tier 1 (General), where the appellant had 2 recent criminal convictions for theft
  • winning an appeal against a deportation order for an appellant with Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK who had been convicted of serious offences and had received a custodial sentence of 4 years
  • winning a Judicial Review for 12 Intra Company Transfer (ICT) employees refused entry to the UK by the British High Commission Mumbai
  • winning an appeal for an appellant who had been in the UK illegally for 14 years and had little or no documentation to support his appeal
  • winning an appeal for ILR for a spouse who had entered the UK illegally and married her British husband before obtaining a divorce from her foreign husband
  • winning an appeal by a 65 year old dependant parent of a person present and settled in the UK, who had been refused ILR
  • winning an appeal for an overseas spouse who had been refused admission to the UK because her British husband was in receipt of State Benefits
  • winning a Judicial Review for an English Language school with 450 students who had had their sponsorship licence revoked by the UK Border Agency
  • winning your appeal…

Examples of notable and high profile cases:

  • R v. Safi and 12 others – Stansted Hijakers
  • R v. Avazi & others, [2007] EWCA Crim 3443 involving major high profile drug importation and conspiracy case involving over 150 kilo of class ‘A’ drugs, the first ever prosecution of it’s kind by the Serious Organised Crime Agency – SOCA (reported)
  • R v. Harati & others involving conspiracy to import 50 kilo of class ‘A’ opiate drugs
  • R v. Hayati involving 5 kilos of class ‘A’ drugs
  • R v. Molaei involving conspiracy to import 4.99 kilos of class ‘A’ drugs
  • R v. May & 2 others, drug trafficking, GBH, kidnapping and blackmail and torture (reported)
  • R v.Cufi & 5 others – Operation Flatpack, being the largest ever car theft ring in British history involving over 30,000 stolen prestige cars shipped off to West Africa, as outlined in the Panorama documentary ‘Operation Flatpack’, everybody was convicted except of course Dr Mansouri’s client, which is why we pride ourselves on ‘Delivering Results through Excellence’
  • R v. Zudys & 5 others: Lithuanian organised kidnapping and blackmail case (reported)
  • R v. Bakus & Rasinskaus & 3 others – involving conspiracy to import over £14 Million of counterfeit Bensons & Hedges cigarettes and Contraventions on Customs & Excise Duties – Dr Mansouri’s clients both walked out of court with resounding ‘not guilty’ verdicts from the jury whilst the other defendants started their very long prison sentences – which is again why we are very proud of consistently ‘Delivering Results through Excellence’
  • R v. Tomas & Kerim – high profile people smuggling case and conspiracy to murder involving international phone tapping and Dutch police alleging trafficking of 30,000 illegal immigrants into Europe, despite our clients spending 12 months on remand, they both walked out of court, acquitted and cleared of all charges, hence; ‘Delivering Results through Excellence’
  • R v. Grigoryan & 7 others, a complex and detailed 9 week kidnapping, rape and blackmail trial (reported)
  • Harrow Trading Standards v. Manly-Spain where the prosecution were laughed out of court by a devastating and confounding defence team led by Dr Mansouri and substantial costs were awarded to our client, again ‘Delivering Results through Excellence’
  • R v. K – high profile child pornography case (televised)
  • R v. W* – high profile child pornography case
  • R v. Maximenkov – rape between married partners, a resounding acquittal for our very happy client, again; ‘Delivering Results through Excellence’
  • R v. May & others: GBH with intent – the famous axe in the head case, all our clients were acquitted hence; Delivering Results through Excellence’
  • R v. Ramos & 11 others – gangland murder
  • R v. Mene & 4 others – £900,000 complex bank fraud case with a sweeping international aspect involving Hong Kong, Nigeria and the USA
  • R v. Saunders – gangland murder
  • R v. G & G (juvenile twins): murder – high profile national murder case (televised and heavily publicised, not least because the defence was successful in having the case thrown out of court due to a hopeless prosecution case) ‘Delivering Results through Excellence’
  • R v. C – large scale production of illegal pornography
  • R v. Lamptey – armed robbery by a juvenile and yes, our client strolled out of court after a devastating defence
  • National Westminster Bank PLC v. Saunders involving a 22 year old £800k compounded interest claim against a business loan guarantor, where our commitment to Delivering Results through Excellence saw the bank walk out of court empty handed and left us with a very happy client
  • Secretary of State for Immigration v. Bakeev involving the attempted deportation of our client after he had been wrongly convicted of firearms and terrorism offences, needless to state we were successful at defending our client’s position at every appeal stage despite the Home Office’s repeated attempts to deport him; ‘Delivering Results through Excellence’
  • Samuels v Commissioner of Police For The Metropolis [1999] EWCA Civ 883 (3 March 1999)
  • Aniagwu v London Borough Of Hackney [1998] UKEAT 116_98_1102 (11 February 1998)
  • Tafili, R (on the application of) v London Southwark Borough Council [1999] EWCA Civ 2005 (28 July 1999)
  • Anderson, R (on the application of) v London Borough of Southwark [1999] EWHC Admin 126 (11th February, 1999)

Of course none of these notable successes would have been possible without a comprehensive and super specialised defence team which is why Mansouri & Son Solicitors only instruct the very best, most experienced, leading London barristers.

When you are in the business of winning, you get to know the winners! We treat every client as though you were our only client and we strive to win every possible case as though it was our own future at stake!

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