Court Addresses

Asylum & Immigration Tribunal Bromley

Acton Magistrates Court

Administrative Court

Admiralty Court

Aldershot & Farnham County Court

Aldershot Magistrates Court

Amersham Magistrates Court

Ashford County Court

Ashford Magistrates Court

Aylesbury County Court

Aylesbury Crown Court

Aylesbury Magistrates Court

Balham Youth Court

Banbury County Court

Banbury Magistrates Court

Bankruptcy & Companies Court

Barking & Dagenham Magistrates Court

Barnet Civil & Family Court Centre

Barnsley County Court

Barnsley Magistrates Court

Barnstaple County Court

Barnstaple Magistrates Court

Barrow in Furness County Court

Barrow-in-Furness Magistrates Court

Basildon Combined Court

Basildon Magistrates Court

Basingstoke County Court

Basingstoke Magistrates Court

Bath County Court

Bath Magistrates Court

Bedford & Mid-Beds Magistrates Court

Bedford County Court

Belmarsh Magistrates Court

Bexley Magistrates Court

Bicester Magistrates Court

Birkenhead County Court

Birmingham Civil Justice Centre

Birmingham Crown Court

Birmingham District Probate Registry

Birmingham Family Courts

Birmingham Magistrates Court

Bishop Auckland County Court

Blackburn County Court

Blackfriars Crown Court

Blackpool County Court

Blackwood Civil & Family Court

Bodmin County Court

Bodmin Probate Sub-Registry

Bolton Combined Court Centre

Boston County Court

Bournemouth County Court

Bournemouth Crown Court

Bow County Court

Bradford Combined Court Centre

Brecon Law Courts

Brent Magistrates Court

Brentford County Court

Brentford Magistrates Court

Bridgend Law Courts

Brighton County & Family Proceedings Court

Brighton County Court

Brighton District Probate Registry

Brighton Magistrates Court

Bristol County Court

Bristol Crown Court

Bristol District Probate Registry

Bromley County Court

Bromley Magistrates Court

Bromsgrove & Redditch Magistrates Court

Burnley Combined Court Centre

Burton-Upon-Trent County Court

Bury County Court

Bury St Edmunds County Court

Bury St Edmunds Crown Court

Buxton County Court

Caernarfon County Court

Caernarfon Probate Sub-Registry

Camberwell Green Magistrates Court

Cambridge County Court

Cambridge Crown Court

Canterbury Combined Court Centre

Cardiff Civil Justice Centre

Cardiff Crown Court

Cardiff Probate Registry of Wales

Carlisle Combined Court Centre

Carlisle Probate Sub-Registry

Carmarthen County Court

Carmarthen Probate Sub-Registry

Central Accounting Office

Central Criminal Court (Old Bailey)

Central London County Court

Centralised Attachment of Earnings Payments (CAPS)

Chancery Division

Chatham Magistrates Court

Chelmsford County & Family Proceedings Court

Chelmsford Crown Court

Cheltenham County Court

Chester Civil Justice Centre

Chester Probate Sub-Registry

Chesterfield County Court

Chichester Combined Court Centre

Chorley County Court

City of London Magistrates Court

City of Westminster Magistrates Court

Claim Production Centre

Clerkenwell & Shoreditch County Court

Colchester County Court

Commercial Court

Companies & Bankruptcy Court

Consett County Court

Conway & Colwyn County Court

County Court Bulk Centre (CCBC)

Court of Appeal Civil Division

Court of Appeal Criminal Division

Court of Protection

Coventry Combined Court Centre

Crawley Magistrates Court

Crewe County Court

Croydon County Court

Croydon Crown Court

Croydon Magistrates Court

Darlington County Court

Dartford County Court

Dartford Magistrates Court

Derby Combined Court Centre

Devon & Cornwall Central Finance Unit

Dewsbury County Court

Doncaster County Court

Doncaster Crown Court

Dorchester Crown Court

Dorking Magistrates Court

Dover Magistrates Court

Dudley County Court

Durham County Court

Durham Crown Court

Ealing Magistrates Court

East Berkshire Magistrates Court (Bracknell)

East Berkshire Magistrates Court (Maidenhead)

East Berkshire Magistrates Court (Slough)

Eastbourne County Court

Eastbourne Magistrates Court

Edmonton County Court

Enfield Magistrates Court

Epping Magistrates Court

Epsom County Court

Eversham County Court

Exeter Combined Court Centre

Exeter Probate Sub-Registry

Family Division

Fareham Magistrates Court

Feltham Magistrates Court

Folkestone Magistrates Court

Gateshead County Court

Gloucester Crown Court

Gloucester Probate Sub-Registry

Gloucestershire Family & Civil Courts

Grantham County Court

Grays Magistrates Court

Great Grimsby Combined Court Centre

Greenwich Magistrates Court

Guildford County Court

Guildford Crown Court

Guildford Magistrates Court

Halifax County Court

Haringey Magistrates Court

Harlow County Court

Harlow Magistrates Court

Harrogate County Court

Harrow Crown Court

Harrow Magistrates Court

Hartlepool County Court

Hastings County Court

Hastings Magistrates Court

Hatfield Magistrates Court

Haverfordwest County Court

Havering Magistrates Court

Haywards Heath Law Courts

Hemel Hempstead Magistrates Court

Hendon Magistrates Court

Hereford County Court

Hereford Crown Court

Hereford Magistrates Court

Hertford County Court

Hertford Magistrates Court

High Wycombe County Court

High Wycombe Magistrates Court

Highbury Corner Magistrates Court

Hitchin County Court

Horsham County Court

Horsham Magistrates Court

Hove Trial Centre

Huddersfield County Court

Huntingdon Law Courts

Ilford County Court

Inner London Crown Court

Inner London Family Proceedings Court

Ipswich County Court

Ipswich Crown Court

Ipswich District Probate Registry

Isleworth Crown Court

Keighley County Court

Kendal County Court

Kettering County Court

Kidderminster County Court

King’s Lynn County Court

King’s Lynn Crown Court

Kingston-Upon-Hull Combined Court Centre

Kingston-Upon-Thames County Court

Kingston-Upon-Thames Crown Court

Kingston-Upon-Thames Magistrates Court

Knutsford Crown Court

Lambeth County Court

Lancaster County Court

Lancaster Crown Court

Lancaster Probate Sub-Registry

Leeds Combined Court Centre

Leeds District Probate Registry

Leicester County Court

Leicester Crown Court

Leicester Probate Sub-Registry

Leigh County Court

Lewes Combined Court Centre

Lewes Magistrates Court

Lincoln County Court

Lincoln Crown Court

Lincoln Probate Sub-Registry

Liverpool Civil & Family Court

Liverpool Crown Court

Liverpool District Probate Registry

Llanelli County Court

Llanelli Magistrates Court

Llangefni County Court

London Mercantile Court

London Probate Department

Loughborough Court House

Lowestoft County Court

Ludlow County Court

Luton County Court

Luton Crown Court

Maidstone Combined Court Centre



Principal Registry of the Family Division (PRFD)

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