Guildford County Court

The Law Courts
Mary Road
Guildford Surrey
DX 97860 Guildford 5

Court number 211
County Court number 211

Further Information
Further Information
We specialise in all aspects of Divorce, Children Act 1989 proceedings, Non-Molestation Injunctions, Occupation Orders and Ancillary Relief proceedings. We also offer a free 30 minute telephone consultation on 020 8401 7352. 

Work Type

  • Divorce
  • Family Work
  • Adoption
  • Civil
  • Appeals
  • Bankruptcy

General Contacts

01483 405300

General Fax
01483 300031


Ann Wright
Court Manager
Please see General Contacts

Opening hours
Opening Times
Court building open
9.00 am
Court building closed
4.00 pm
Court counter open
9.00 am
Court counter closed
4.00 pm
Telephone Enquiries from
9.00 am
Telephone Enquiries until
5.00 pm

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