Visas & Entry Clearance

Mansouri & Son Solicitors are specialists in all areas of UK immigration law. We also help UK employers wishing to employ overseas staff or transfer existing staff from their overseas branch to the UK to work.

A ‘visa‘ is an ‘entry clearance certificate‘. In other words it is a certificate endorsed in the applicants passport permitting the applicant to present themselves at a UK immigration port for entry. It is not however, a guarantee that the applicant will be allowed to enter the UK. Every holder of an entry clearance certificate is liable to be subjected to immigration control on each occasion that they arrive in the UK to ensure that they still meet the criteria of the visa, that was issued to them. Most people assume that simply because they have been granted a visa, they will automatically be admitted to the UK. That is not always the case! UK Immigration law is extremely complex. Under current regulations, British Consulates and High Commissions abroad have powers to refuse visa applications and in many circumstances to ban applicants from applying again for a 10 year period. Often such decisions cannot be appealed for legal reasons. It is therefore essential that every applicant intending to apply for a visa for the UK to obtain comprehensive advice and assistance from expert immigration solicitors. Any mistake or failure to disclose facts in the visa applications process can result in draconian and extreme situations, such as the 10 year ban. This even applies to ‘innocent mistakes‘. We ensure that all our clients are thoroughly vetted and that their applications meet the stringent requirements of the UK immigration law before the application is even submitted. We identify all the weaknesses of the proposed application and work closely with you to obtain all the necessary documentation to support your application before you submit your application for a visa.

Every day we deal with the complexities of UK immigration with the goal of obtaining a successful outcome for our clients and our success rate is based entirely on Delivering Results through Excellence. Infact we can proudly say in 2009 our success rate for visa applications to enter the UK was an incredible 100% of all applications we submitted. We achieve this by taking a very thorough approach to these types of applications and we do not submit applications on behalf of clients until we are completely satisfied that they meet the criteria and requirements of the law. We take a no-nonsense approach to any refusal of applications on behalf of our clients and we always appeal refusals wherever possible and have a truly astounding track record of successful outcomes.

We prepare your visa application for you from scratch, we submit the application on your behalf supported by a comprehensive letter setting out your history, the reasons for your application, all aspects of your Human Rights entitlements, any urgency that applies to your situation as well as the law and current immigration policy for the British Embassy or High Commission where your application will be submitted. We even obtain an appointment for you to attend the embassy and ensure that we act as your point of contact throughout the applications process. Should the British Embassy wish to interview you in connection with your application, included in our fees is detailed advice in attending an immigration interview, including a mock interview to help get you prepared. We maintain conduct of your matter all the way through to the decision stage or the appeal stages in the event of a refusal.

Dr Cyrus Mansouri has over 23 years experience of UK immigration law and policy and has personally appeared on behalf of hundreds of clients before the Asylum & Immigration Tribunal Judges and the High Court and Administrative Court on Judicial Review applications and appeals and, guarantees every client his undivided attention throughout their application process. We pride ourselves on providing a truly personalised, expert and effective service to all our clients. Our clients have the additional satisfaction of knowing that their mater is being dealt with by specialist immigration solicitors, regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority of England & Wales.

We are 100% dedicated to winning your matter for you. For a free 30 minute telephone consultation call us on 020 8401 7352 or call to book a face to face appointment at our office. For face to face appointments we charge £150 plus VAT no matter how long the consultation takes and we provide you with a complete assessment of your case, comprehensive advice on the way forward and a realistic opinion of your chances of success. The fee is fully refundable if you then go on to instruct us in your case. Our expert solicitors also provide an up-to-date and comprehensive blog on all current developments in UK immigration law.

Our fees are always clear, honest and agreed in advance. We will always try to quote you a fixed price for your immigration work wherever possible. Our fixed fee consultations are not the cheapest you will find at £150 plus VAT (VAT is not payable for all immigration law matters), but you are guaranteed an exceptional, expert and in-depth assessment and comprehensive advice from solicitors with over 23 years of UK immigration law experience. Our clients come to us because we are excellent at what we do. Immigration law is a specialised area of law where ‘cheapest’ usually means ‘poor quality’! If you want quality, effective and precise immigration advice from experts at a very reasonable price, call us now on 020 8401 7352 to book an appointment. No matter what your problem, we will find you a solution. If we can’t find you a solution, we will not charge you anything!

Languages spoken by members of our immigration department include French, German, Russian, Lithuanian, Chinese, Urdu, Albanian, Farsi, Pashtoo and Arabic. If you cannot attend our office for a consultation for whatever reason, we can arrange a face-to-face Skype consultation by prior arrangement. Call us now on 020 8401 7352 to book an appointment.

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