Thinking About Divorce

Thinking about and Deciding On Divorce


Thinking about and deciding on divorce is a huge decision to be making. The mere thought of a divorce brings on thoughts of panic and doom and many people take these out on themselves. It is important though to understand that thinking you want a divorce does not make you a bad person, even though the feeling may be very negative. It is an unfortunate reality that many couples discover after often long periods of time spent living together that they are simply not compatible, for one reason or another. Sometime the reasons for incompatibility are starkly evident and yet often they are fudged and blurred.

You may find yourself pondering on the past or worrying about the future or worse yet, worrying about what everyone else will think about you when they hear you are divorcing. But in reality, none of these are factors that should be occupying much of your attention. After all, as we all know, life goes on, no matter what happens.

Experience has shown us that all sorts of relationships break down. We recently assisted a 79 year old couple to get their divorce after 43 years of marriage. You may wonder why they would bother after so long, but the fact remains that there is always a straw that breaks the camels back and unfortunately this married couple had breached that straw. The fact that your marriage has reached this stage is not something that you should be beating yourself up over. Legally, in England & Wales, getting a divorce is relatively straightforward, at least in law it is, and so long as you live in this country, you can take advantage of these laws, you don’t need to be British.

A Expert Solicitor Can Help To Make This Difficult Decision

The fact is that You are reading this article for a reason. Simply put,  you have been thinking about divorce for one reason or another. You know you want a divorce, but making that decision to make it real, the decision to actually book an appointment and see a solicitor is just daunting. You may wonder how the lawyers will judge you! The good news is that good solicitors and lawyers have learnt never to judge a client. We are not here to judge people, we simply carry out their work for them and advise them of what is best for them, depending on what they hope to achieve.

Thinking about divorce often results in a lot of ‘inward self-reflection’. You may not know this yet, but you tend to judge yourself far more harshly than anyone else does. You are an expert at driving yourself into a rut and making yourself feel worthless. These abilities were conditioned into you as a child. If you have children with your partner then you will probably make yourself feel even worse. You will convincing yourself of all sorts of things, for the sake of the children. But the real fact remains that children need a happy healthy family environment and if you and your spouse are constantly bickering, that is far from ideal for a healthy upbringing for any child. Added to this might be lots of over heated feelings; perhaps anger, frustration or worse yet, a sheer desire for retribution. But bear in mind that ‘revenge is a dish best served cold’. Divorce is rarely the time to extract revenge from your partner or raise the stakes to a huge court room battle. A good lawyer will always help you obtain your divorce with the minimum of hassle and tussle. What you do with your new life after your divorce will then be all up to you.

When deciding on choosing a solicitor to help you with your divorce matter, you will need someone you can communicate with comfortably. After all, you might be discussing some very sensitive ‘secrets’ and you want to be sure that these are received compassionately and where relevant, that they are integrated into your case effectively and sympathetically.

We have extensive experience of representing people with all sorts of backgrounds and matrimonial issues and we do this compassionately and sympathetically. If there is one thing all our client’s agree on, that is that we are very approachable, very helpful and unequivocally discreet. We will never push you into making any decision to divorce, one way or the other. What we will give you is honest frank advice about how the process works, what you can expect from us, the court and the law in general and what the outcomes will be. We will give you clear information on what it will cost you and how long it will take to get a divorce and then we leave you in peace to make your decision, whether that takes a few minutes or a few years.

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