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Non-Molestation Orders

Non-Molestation Orders 

Domestic Violence & Ex-Parte Non-Molestation Injunction Applications

Often emergencies arise in Family Law matters which require urgent and immediate steps being taken to protect our client by way of an emergency ex-parte injunction. Injunction situations can arise 24 hours a day and in most cases we aim to have the matter brought to the attention of an emergency Judge within hours of being instructed. Time is therefore nearly always of the essence in nonmolestation injunctions and it is therefore essential that we get everything right, first time round, as there will rarely be any second chances.

See our full detailed article about the law applicable to ex-parte emergency non-molestation injunctions in English courts.

Non-Molestation Orders

These are court Orders available to victims of Domestic Violence. For details of what is classified as Domestic Violence see here.

A Non-Molestation Order is an order of the court to stop your partner or ex-partner from “molesting” you or your children. Molesting generally means harassing, pestering, controlling or interfering with you or your children in some way. This also includes violence and assault, even if it is threats of violence that have not yet been carried out. An “Assault” is any act or threatened act of violence and can include punching, slapping, throwing objects, spitting as well as using threatening words or threats of violence. Assaults are not restricted just to this list of behaviour and can be made up of a series of events over a long period of time. A Non-Molestation Order also prevents anyone your partner or ex-partner tells to molest, harass, pester or be violent towards you or your children.

Sadly at this time of year there is an increase in the number of calls we receive asking for help in controlling violent or abusive behaviour. As expert Family Law Solicitors we have extensive experience in obtaining the protection of the courts for our clients and we do this quickly, with complete understanding for your circumstances and efficiently. Should you be concerned about domestic violence and require advice on the law and options available to you, contact us on 020 8401 7352 for a free 30 minute telephone assessment of your circumstances and legal advice. We can also be contacted by email at should you prefer.

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