Expat Divorces in England

Although most divorces are reasonably straightforward matters, we regularly deal with the complexities that can arise. One issue which can complicate a divorce in England & Wales is where one or both of the parties to the marriage live abroad. These are often called Expat Divorce cases.

A divorce in England & Wales would qualify as an Expat Divorce if:

  • you are originally English or Welsh, currently living in another part of the world and want to use the English courts to obtain your divorce 
  • you have lived outside the UK for a number of years, have recently returned and, want to seek a divorce here 
  • you hold some other nationality and, have made your home in England or Wales and currently live here 
  • your spouse lives outside the UK and either you do not know where they are or there is a disagreement as to where the divorce should be commenced

In addition to the above list there are other factors that can affect divorce and which could amount to an Expat Divorce. Some of these can be quite complicated and that is when you will benefit from expert advice and assistance from specialist Family Law Solcitors with experience of International divorce cases.

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Eligibility for divorce under English law

The relevant question is where is your ordinary place of Residence or ‘Domicile’? For details of teh importance of domicile to divorce proceedings in England, see out factsheet on Divorce and Domicile.

Domicile is a fairly complex legal word and is relavent to your place of birth as well as your current place of residence and, in some circumstances even your intentions in the future.

Our fixed fee expat divorce

Despite the potential complications of an Expat Divorce, we can still offer you a fixed fee solution for this work which takes into account all the work associated with a reasonably straightforward Expat Divorce. See Option D of our Fixed Fee Divorce Fees for details of this.

Deciding where to divorce

There can be many reasons why a person may want to divorce through the English courts. Some couples divorce here because most or all of their assets are located here and others because it may be more straightforward than in other countries or perhaps the laws in England may be more favourable. Before making a decision on where to commence your divorce, you should seek expert independent legal advice.

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