Barnados role criticised in the detention of children

Former Children’s Commissioner challenges government’s claim that it ending the detention of children

The former Children’s Commissioner, Sir Al Aynsley-Green, has criticised the new arrangements the coalition government is putting in place to enforce the removal of migrant families containing children. 

In an annoucement made by the Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, on 11 January, he set our the claim that the coalition is bringing an end to the practice of detaining children pending their deportation.  But voluntary organisations working on detention issues immediately pointed out that the plans for a secure facility which would hold families which were contesting their removal amount to re-branding of the system rather than fundamental change.

In an article published today on the current affairs website openDemocracy Sir Al is particularly critical of the role of the childrens’ charity Barnados in working with the UKBA in running the new centre.  He writes that this is a “worrying development” which  “raises key questions, namely, are the big children’s organisations effective advocates for children, or are they friends of Government? Can they be both, and if so, how and with what evidence of impact?”

The full openDemocracy can be accessed HERE.