Australian ACBP leaves dead asylum seekers bodies floating in the sea

Bodies of drowned asylum seekers to be left in water by authorities


Spokeswoman says attempts to recover bodies of up to 60 asylum seekers drowned off Christmas Island are not a priority

The Australian Government today announced that the bodies of up to 60 asylum seekers who drowned off Christmas Island will be left in the sea to be eaten by sharks, with Australian authorities deciding their retrieval is not a priority.

This comes after long delays it took to begin a full-scale search after the boat was first spotted on Wednesday afternoon. Now Australian Customs and Border Protection (ACBP) have decided not to retrieve the bodies. They have the cheek to claim:

“Our priority in these operations remains the protection of life, responding to water rescues which may prevent any further loss of life.”

Well has anyone ever thought that protecting life is something you can only do when you actually make the effort to retrieve the person from the sea and check whether or not they are dead?

The ACBP said that they may try to recover the bodies at a later date, but the spokeswoman said the likelihood of “successful recovery” diminished over time.

Wow – you don’t say! Well we tend to agree that if you leave dead human corpses floating around shark infested sea then the likelihood of a successful recovery does certainly diminish over time!

Clearly the ACBP is keen to send out a message to anyone planning on reaching Australia illegally by boat and in doing so they have managed to dredge the lowest available gutter of inhumanity. Obviously they have all forgotten their own ancestry, or are they under the impression that they are natives of Aus? Some would say it’s a shame Britain spent all that money shipping them out there in the first instance – but then again, we don’t have sharks in the English Channel…